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Birdshot Day 4

Saturday 17th November 2018

About the event

The Birdshot Society are delighted to be able to invite you to their 4th Birdshot Day on Saturday, 17th November 2018.

Poster for birdshot day 4

When you attend your appointments, there is often not enough time to ask all your questions, so the society is allowing plenty of time for you to talk to other members of the birdshot community, both professionals patients, with opportunities to:

  • Learn more about birdshot and the immune system
  • Learn how to get the most from your eye clinic appointment
  • Learn about the impact of sleep on your immune system
  • Meet experts in the field of birdshot and vision impairment
  • Meet other patients with a birdshot diagnosis
  • Ask questions about birdshot
  • Find out about new treatments and research
  • Visit exhibitors and take part in interactive sessions


A two-course buffet lunch will be provided as well as tea and coffee. The society will also organise an informal social after the main Birdshot Day, for those who want to carry on chatting.

Please register via the Bridshot website to reserve your place. You are very welcome to bring a member of your family or a friend. Everyone who attended the last three events is welcome and we hope that many others who want to be involved in research or learn more about birdshot will attend too.


SESSION 1: Chaired by Professor Miles Stanford

Birdshot ABC: information about birdshot uveitis, the immune system and getting the most out of your eye appointment.

Speakers: Miss Laura Steeples (Manchester), Mr Greg Heath (York) and Mr Richard Lee (Moorfields and Bristol).

SESSION 2 Chaired by Professor Alastair Denniston

Overview of the world of birdshot research: Professor Andrew Dick interviewing Professor Jennifer Thorne and Dr Marina Mesquida.

SESSION 3 Chaired by Professor Andrew Dick

Sleep and how it affects your health and immune system: Professor Russell Foster, world-leading professor of circadian neuroscience, Oxford University.

SESSION 4 Chaired by Annie Folkard

Living with sight loss: practical tips and apps that may help increase independence if you have started to lose vision.

Speakers: Julian Jackson, Chen Yogev from OrCam and Preeti Singla, low vision optometrist.

SESSION 5 Chaired by Professor Alastair Denniston

BUS/Fight for Sight funded research: update on what we have discovered so far.

Speakers include Dr Graham Wallace, Dr Omar Mahroo, Mr Mark Westcott, Dr Colin Chu and Professor Philip Murray.

SESSION 6 Chaired by Professor Philip Murray

Birdshot - treatment and trials update.

Introduced by Professor Philip Murray. Have your say with a professional and patient panel talking about their experiences.

QUESTION TIME - the birdshot panel answers your questions.